Hunan's construction machinery exports surge in the first four months


Hunan's export value of construction machinery products increased 25.1% year on year to 10.77 billion yuan in the first four months of 2024, according to the Changsha Customs Authority. 

During the January-April period, Hunan exported 9.02 billion yuan of construction machinery products through general trade, up 16.3% and accounting for 83.8% of the province's total construction machinery exports. Exports through processing trade and bonded logistics saw a rapid increase of 109.8% and 108.7% respectively. 

Countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are the main importers of Hunan's construction machinery products. Exports to BRI countries rose 17.4% to 7.14 billion yuan in the first four months. Exports to the European Union and Africa experienced faster growth, up 182% and 44.8%.  

Private enterprises and foreign-invested firms registered positive export performances. Exports of construction machinery products stood at 6.58 billion yuan and 4.13 billion yuan during the period, an increase of 26% and 23.8% respectively. 

Hunan's main exports are excavators, cranes, and forklifts. Hunan exported 3,480 special purpose motor vehicles valued at 3.32 billion yuan from January to April, a rise of 47.6% and 41.2% respectively. The province exported 17,000 forklifts and carriers valued at 2.25 billion yuan, up 82.3% and 238.1%. 

【Author:Xiao Juan】 【Editor:李苏璇】